Over the past three years we have treated an increasing number of patients who have identified anxiety as their primary presenting condition.

We have since opening in 2009 always treated anxiety, frequently through the conditions such as insomnia, muscle tension, headaches and restlessnes. We still do this but are now finding that many patients will directly request help with their anxiety.

We get good results and a number of patients , such as those in the testimonials below, have found acupuncture to be transformational in their lives.

It is important to recognise that;

1  Acupuncture isn't magic, we can't change lifes problems, but we can help put you in a better place to face them

2. Anxiety in itself isn't neccessarily an ilnnes, it can be a rational response to serious problems such as divorce, redundancy or financial problems.

There are many potential causes of anxiety and where we feel it is appropriate we will signpost patients to other agencies and sources of advice. Many patients have experienced anxiety as a result of neighbourhood noise and neighbour disputes and in these cases we have advised contacting NCPA at www.noiseaction.co.uk